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Photography of Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman is a widely published and exhibited photographer. His mainly black and white photographs of Dartmoor record its landscape and people over the more than 30 years he has lived there. Farming features extensively, including a page illustrating the experiences of city children at Nethercott Farm at Iddesleigh. The 2001 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease is shown by its effect on a single farm, that of Ramscliffe. Among these moving documents, the sale of Truelove Farm marks the end of 5 generations of the Dennis family's residence there.

In the 3 Hares Project, in colour, this ancient symbol is pictured in this country and abroad. It figures in the religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.This is a truly fascinating project.

Dartmoor Society

This is an independent, registered charity dedicated to the protection of and education about Dartmoor. The society has events and activities for its members. There is a lot of information here and useful links.

Legends of Dartmoor

This personal site is extensive, exploring many aspects of Dartmoor. Some of its recipes are hilarious.

Dartmoor Walks

Another personal site here, which is a great guide to Dartmoor walks. There are lots of photographs and an interesting and informative Dartmoor history.

Military Training on Dartmoor

Dartmoor ranges is a site about military training on the moor. It has a useful list of days and times when firing is done.

Newton Abbot Ramblers

Newton Abbot Ramblers group includes walks on Dartmoor in its schedule. It has more than 300 members and is a very active group.

Park Authority Website

This is the official Dartmoor National Park Authority's website.

Devon Perspectives Dartmoor Gallery

Follow this link to see a selection of colour images of Dartmoor by Mike Russell

A year in the parish of Zeal Monachorum

A collection of photos by Mike Russell taken over a single year in Zeal Monachorum, illustrating the changing of the seasons and highlighting some events involving the village community.

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