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Highbury bridge
Tony Dunlop: September 26th 2006
Just a quick namecheck for the folks behind this site.
First and foremost there's Mike Russell who provided the narrative and the fine images.
Then there's Gerry Dunlop who hand-coded just about everything on this website.
Finally there's yours truly, the admin guy who does the other stuff, including the moderating of this guestbook. I can be contacted here. See the page footer for how to contact Mike.
Brian Kell: September 30th 2006
I have found your website extremely interesting and a good source of information.
Our club is always walking on Dartmoor so I thought that you might like to know that I have included a link to your website from our links page.
Best wishes
Bryan Kell, Secretary, Newton Abbot Ramblers
Terry Griffiths: November 25th 2006
Great site, but I have only just found it despite being interested in Dartmoor for about 20 years.
Have walked over large areas of the moor, and read many books, but still found information on this site that I did not know.
Keep up the good work.
Christal: December 27th 2006
What a really nice website! We've never been to Dartmoor, but shall definitely put it on our list of places to visit.
Sue: April 3rd 2007
I am desperately looking for details of the ghost of fishcombe jerry (i think its spelt like that; i am not sure) in Brixham and also the church that was on Elkins hill once. I have a small picture of it out of the Brixham of yesteryear booklet but nothing else yet. If anyone has anything, could they get in touch at this email address. Thank you so much.
Garry Corbett: June 8th 2007
I've just discovered your excellent site while searching for information on Wistmans Woods. This is a place I've wanted to visit for some time and I'm hoping to finally get to in August when we next visit the area. If you could recommend a specific book/map I'd be extremely grateful.
As a photographer I really appreciate the quality of the images on the site. There's plenty of interesting material here which I have only skimmed the surface of so far. I look forward to future visits.
Many thanks...
Douglas Smith: August 16th 2007
Lovely photos and very informative text. We have yet to walk in Dartmoor but websites like yours are certainly a great inspiration to do so.
Doug and Joyce Smith Washington State, USA
Mary lou: November 10th 2007
I printed a lot of the information you had on your web site. Now I have to go home and read all about Devon. I am curious was there ever a prince named Prince Devon?? Please reply if you know anything about that. Thank you very much..
Mike: November 29th 2007
I found your Website very interesting and useful. This is a lovely area that I have visited many times, although the last time that I was here I found myself drenched by a freak downpour. As a member of an online travel community I am always looking for interesting places to visit and your site has given me quite a few ideas.
The Sabs: February 15th 2008
A lovely site with loads of well laid out information. Thank you.
Magic (a younger visitor?): March 2nd 2008
Good site. Dartmoor is a fun place to play but lee moor is funer. Thanks for sharing your site.
Mary: June 7th 2008
I love this site. It is full of so many interesting things. Excellent. Thank you for letting us share it.
Rose: July 21st 2008
Thank you. I have been searching for this information ever since I moved down to Devon and here it is excellent.
Taff: May 30th 2010
Thanks for your site, it brings me close to tears with nostalgia.
I lived in Devon from 1982 until 1991, then I lived in Cornwall for ten years. I started my rock climbing hobby on Sheeps Tor and can say honestly that I have climbed on every tor witch has a recognised route on it, (though not every route!)
Some of the best days of my life have been spent on the moors, walking, climbing and taking photographs there, looking at your site brings back floods of memory, all which seem to be good.
I'm now based in Australia, but visit the UK, and especially Dartmoor, every two years or so. Sites like yours keep my memories intact in the interim, my thanks for that.
Miles Wolstenholme: July 27th 2010
I have just spent a good hour reading through your website and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing some valuable nuggets about this wonderful area.
TT: August 4th 2010
Excellent and well informed site. Spent much longer here than I intended - which must be a compliment. Thankyou.
Mike Tucker: May 11th 2012
I love Dartmoor. It is in my bones. I first discovered the moor in 1963, while taking part in the Ten Tors expedition and now visit the area as often as I can. I discovered your splendid site while attempting to determine the last tor that we checked in at prior to descending to Willsworthy. We crossed a river, then ascended the tor on all fours because it was so steep. But I cannot work out which tor it was; perhaps it was Hare Tor. Anyway, I love reading your pages and am grateful for the time and trouble that you have taken in writing and publishing the same. Warmest regards - Mike.
jswt25: October 11th 2012
The monochrome images capture the spirit of Dartmoor wonderfully.
Jerry Gillard: April 18th 2013
Hello, it's nice to find another site on Dartmoor.
Richard: November 16th 2013
Probably the best web site about Dartmoor. It is simply quality, both images and text. These capture the moor perfectly, and resonate with the unique feeling of the place. Thanks, I always feel refreshed and stimulated to go exploring Dartmoor after I have visited your site.
Catherine: March 3rd 2016
Terrific resource. Thank you!
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